Judging – I am good at it

This is a fact of my life.  God’s children, me included, all around me, and I judge them.

I know Jesus has been judged for me.  I know that because I am in Christ, I will never be judged by God again.  I have been forgiven, and made right with God.  Jesus has taken everyone of my sins on himself, on His body on the cross. And yet, I judge others.  I stand from my place of self-righteousness and look down at others.  Jesus, talked about people like me, the Pharisee, the one who only saw others need for mercy but never themselves.  He also talked about the other man, the publican, the one who knew his need for mercy. This man, cried out, “have mercy on me, a sinner!”

Oh Jesus, Holy Spirit, Papa, show me my desperate need for mercy.  I know, I know, I know who you are in my head, and yet I continue to try to live out of my own self-sufficiency.  I think I know what to say to others, but what I really need is to listen to your compassionate voice to me.  I mostly speak out of my judgmental voice, and yet, I know that is not the voice that comes from you.  For you are gentle and meek, not tough and judgmental.

Through my sin of judgement last week, I was convicted but also reminded that you love me at the same time.  There was a sweetness of knowing how you saw me, that brought repentance.  And then a sharing of my judgement with another, that brought tears of freedom that as a child of God, I could bring my sin to you and to another.  Thank you for the gift of repentance.  It is your kindness to us.  Romans 2:4

So, again today, help me to see others like you see them, Jesus.  Remind me how you see me – fully loved, accepted, pardoned, wanted and free.  Free to be who you’ve created me to be, free to love others, free to be honest, free to live in this world, safe in your arms.

And yes, I know I will sin and need to repent and be given fresh mercies from my Abba.  That Jesus uses my sins to show me my  need for Him is a miracle indeed.

Holy Spirit, give me faith to believe you are who you say you are.  Help my unbelief.









About mbr319

Loved by God! In my 50's, enjoying the adventure of life with my husband of 36 plus years, my 5 kids and 2 daughters in law, one son in law, and my grandkids, Cay and Canaan! Experiencing the variety of places and people God is putting in my life. I'm grateful and excited about the days ahead..."What's next, PaPa?"
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