Stories are to be told

I would like to tell stories of people and places and ordinary life, but life lived fully and freely with whatever God allows.  For all is grace, and if God isn’t in all of life, then He isn’t in any of life.  Doesn’t mean its all good or all bad, just that in the pain and the suffering, the joy and the laughter, God is there, He is working and He loves us.

I wrote that paragraph 3 plus years ago. And now, although I have wanted to write, and its always in my heart to do so, I really haven’t. Except for a brief 2 month period where I took a class and had assignments, I haven’t continued the process.  So after being encouraged again by my husband, my coach, today I begin again.

And beginning again for me, is just that, to start.  I will start with thoughts on the first paragraph above that I wrote years ago.  Do I believe what I wrote, do I live like a believe what I wrote?  Am I living my life fully and freely with whatever God is allowing?  I know that I am aware of a new freedom in living life that comes from a place of knowing I am deeply loved by the God of the universe. I am created in His image.  Knowing and believing God has compassion over me all the time, creates a space of freedom.

Gods  compassion, His delight over me, His nearness, His favor, His forgiveness, all of who He is, these are the benefits of being His beloved daughter.  And what have I done to deserve this?  Nothing.  What has Jesus done to give me this favor?  Everything!  Because I have believed in the work of Jesus on my behalf, I get everything, everything, everything!  1 John 3:1 says, “How great is the love the Father has lavished on us, that we should be called the children of God, for that is who we are.”

Sometimes I think, this is such good news, that I am loved constantly and totally by my Father, my Daddy, in heaven.  My behavior doesn’t earn this love, because Jesus’s behavior earned it for me.  I truly can’t lose it, even in the midst of my sinfulness. Yes, the worst sin we can consider, even then, because I am “in Christ” I am safe from condemnation by my Daddy.  As the song says, “I have a good, good, Father, thats who He is, thats who He is, and I am loved by Him, thats who I am, thats who I am.”

Gods ways are so very contradictory to our human ways of seeing and thinking and acting.  Isaiah says this so clearly, “Gods ways are not your ways, and God’s thoughts are not your thoughts.” So what I initially see or think about a situation, and then how I act based on those thoughts are going to be out of my fallen state as a sinner.  But because I have been given a new heart because of Jesus and my belief in Him, His Holy Spirit begins to show me Jesus’ perspective on my situations.  Everyday, Jesus I need you, to believe and trust in You!







About mbr319

Loved by God! In my 50's, enjoying the adventure of life with my husband of 36 plus years, my 5 kids and 2 daughters in law, one son in law, and my grandkids, Cay and Canaan! Experiencing the variety of places and people God is putting in my life. I'm grateful and excited about the days ahead..."What's next, PaPa?"
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