There are 3 trees that come to mind in significant ways for me.
The sycamore tree in our yard that I climbed again and again as a child. I climbed higher and higher and became braver with each step up.
The annual Christmas trees that came into our home, sometimes sprayed with a snow-like quality.
And the tree in Lousiville, Ky. on a fall day in 1988, where a fun-filled day was enjoyed by Chuck, Matt, Neil and myself. It was a cold, overcast day and we went for a picnic, played in the leaves, threw a football and climbed on some monkey bars. That was 25 years ago and I can still picture the tree, the boys in their sweat pants and hoodies, and just the simple joy of a family enjoying the beauty of God’s creation and being together. That tree reminds me of a special day!


About mbr319

Loved by God! In my 50's, enjoying the adventure of life with my husband of 36 plus years, my 5 kids and 2 daughters in law, one son in law, and my grandkids, Cay and Canaan! Experiencing the variety of places and people God is putting in my life. I'm grateful and excited about the days ahead..."What's next, PaPa?"
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