Different places, different spaces

Can I just say I am not real good in different places and different spaces. Let me tell you what I mean by that. I like my space – my home, my spot at the river, my particular spots at restaurants or anywhere for that matter. I always like the least crowded spot wherever I go: in a corner, always by a window, never near lots of people (except for a sporting event, and then I am loud and crazy like the throngs!)
As I write this, I am in Dallas, Tx, a place I knew nothing about. So as we have manuvered on the DART line, tried out new places to eat, gone to a new church, and sat on the bus next to homeless people, all of these have been different spaces for me. I am always surprised by my enjoyment of new experiences and people and yet I live mostly in a comfort zone, in my own place and my comfortable space. Even flying is an uncomfortable place for me. As I walked thru security at the airport I had to be told to put my feet on the painted footprints and raise my arms, and not bring my purse with me!
Needless to say, I don’t travel much but I want to feel comfortable in different spaces.
Just today on the DART line, I sat next to a really nice guy who appeared to be unkempt and yet he began the conversation with me, of course that was following me falling in his lap as the DART took off. Yesterday in church I sat next to a young girl with hair covering her face and her hood on. At first glance, I wondered if she would want to be noticed or talked to and I really wanted to speak with her. I wonder about her story and about the young man’s story. The girl did allow me to talk with her and she shared her name and where the name came from with me. Both encounters were with different people than me, and yet, we connected because we are all the same really with different stories, but the same need for love and acceptance by another. I was blessed with brief moments, both in different places and different spaces than where I would normally be.
So, as Donald Miller suggests we ask ourselves this question, “What If….”
So today, what if, Mae Beth, you walked out of your places and your spaces and began to move toward others who are in other places and spaces and see where my story and another’s story connect?


About mbr319

Loved by God! In my 50's, enjoying the adventure of life with my husband of 36 plus years, my 5 kids and 2 daughters in law, one son in law, and my grandkids, Cay and Canaan! Experiencing the variety of places and people God is putting in my life. I'm grateful and excited about the days ahead..."What's next, PaPa?"
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