God, what are we doing?

Today,  some friends and I were out on the streets around Phillips Hwy. and Emerson Rd. in Jacksonville, Fl.  This area is known for the drugs and prostitution that are prevalent.  If you need either of these, you will find it here.  The street, the hotels, the apartments, and even the businesses, you will find what you are looking for.

But today, a group of ladies were out on these streets looking for these people, mainly the women who live in this area, to show them the love of Jesus for them, to reach out to them and just be with them, where they are, in the middle of their addictions and struggles.

I must say here, that as we go to minister to them, God is so graciously ministering to us.  We really don’t know what to do, we just go.  We are learning some things along the way about these precious people, as well as stuff about ourselves, but today, I think, we just realized that we don’t know what we are doing, and that is good, because God knows exactly what He is doing.  Our part is to trust Him!  We not only hope to bring a rescue to these women from drugs and prostitution, but we ourselves know that our Father, PaPa God has rescued us and every single day, we must remember again, that we cannot save them or ourselves, we have a Savior, His name is JESUS!  So tonight, we offer prayers for those we saw today, knowing God is with them, sees them, loves them and that He is in control.


About mbr319

Loved by God! In my 50's, enjoying the adventure of life with my husband of 36 plus years, my 5 kids and 2 daughters in law, one son in law, and my grandkids, Cay and Canaan! Experiencing the variety of places and people God is putting in my life. I'm grateful and excited about the days ahead..."What's next, PaPa?"
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